Our Mission with Youth


The words of Saint Eugene in the Rule of 1818, “leading young people will be considered as an essential task in our institute,” make clear to us that this ministry belongs to the charism of our Congregation. Recently, the Chapter of 2004 stated again that it is an authentic Oblate ministry by adding it to Rule 7b.

The mission with youth has become crucial now. Witnessing to Hope mentioned the “widespread poverty of today’s youth.” Indeed, they face the secularism, individualism and consumerism of the current culture of globalization. But at the 2004 Chapter, we also expressed the confidence that youth have an “enormous capacity to transform the situation” (WTH 17). They are not merely the future of the Church and humanity; they are also the present. Reading the signs of the times and responding to the needs of our mission, as Oblates, we want to leave nothing undared and we take up the challenge to walk with youth.

Written by the participants of the First International Oblate Congress on Mission with Youth.


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Oblates try to get young people from around the world to engage in reflection and prayer.  Below are two Oblate Youth Events in the past.


Oye 2009 from A Picture Forever on Vimeo.





Check out World Youth Day 2013.

The 14th International World Youth Day will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from July 23-28, 2013.  WYD is a Roman Catholic event that focuses on faith and youth, this year’s theme will be, “Go and make disciples of all peoples” (Matthew 28:19).




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