Formation and Education


The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate are introducing men to the Oblate way of life and heritage. The pre-novitiate program is the first step in that process of addressing their religious vocations.

In that spirit the Oblates established Bishop Fallon Residence in Buffalo, NY, as one of the current Pre-Novice programs available in the US, with the other in Tijuana, MX (for those wishing to work in Spanish ministry).

In this way men are able to explore their calls and horizons, through the guidance of those already living the Oblate life.

tijuanaprenovices2 - Copy

Prenovitiate – Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

(Standing (L-R) Marcos Ivan Ochoa, Fulgencio Ocho, Diego Alberto Garcia, Erik Ivan Rodriguez,
(Seated) Fr. Francisco Gomez, OMI

There are four main features of this program: apostolate, community life, prayer, and study. Each of these factors is key to making the environment in which the men live, conducive to discernment of vocation.

The program is overseen and guided by the Directors, Fr. Ron LaFramboise, OMI, in Buffalo, and Fr. Jim Dukowski, OMI, in Tijuana Through their efforts and those of other priests and brothers, the men who enter Bishop Fallon and the Casa Estudantil de Mazenod in Tijuana have true role models of the Oblate charism and lifestyle.





Sexton House, San Antonio, TX 2012-2013

L-R: Kasonde Musaba (Zambia), Daniel Janulewicz (Assumption), Terence Chota (Zambia), Jason Rossignol (USA), Dawid Karchut (Assumption), Raul Salas (USA), Juan Gaspar (USA), Ulises Silva (Mexico), James Allen (USA), Daniel Ziegler (USA), Rusty Gardiner (Lacombe), Paul Waldie (USA), Michael Tembo (Zambia).



All the pre-novices attend school to obtain their bachelors degree and/or study the required philosophy and religious studies courses. The required amount of courses is 24 hours of philosophy and 12 hours of religious studies. These classes allow the men to expand their understanding of the worlds of philosophical and religious thought.

In this way they are able to better understand the world around them to which they are being sent as missionaries. Also it provides the beginnings of their training in the tradition and meaning of their Catholic faith.


Prenovitiate Godfrey, Illinois


NOVITIATE COMMUNITY: (L-R) Fr. Jack Lau, OMI, Steven Montez, Joshua Nash, Jean Emmanuel Meloncourt, Fr. Tom Horan, OMI, Amila Sandaruwan Perera Dawatage, Paul Raj Arulanantham, Nishan Priyadarshana, Fr. Rudy Nowakowski, OMI

Prenovices in Buffalo, NY, l-r: Philip Cantu, 23, (San Antonio, TX); Daniel Bourg, 26,  (San Antonio); Waldemar Rivera, 33, originally from Lowell-spent years in the service. Austin Gutierrz, 19 (Houston);  Frs. Dick Sudlik and Jim Fee; James Trevino, 30 (Laredo, TX); Robert  Huffor, 20 (Whitinville MA);  Kevin Santandar, 18  (St. Louis, MO);  Manuel Romero, 33 (Houston).

 Prenovitiate, Buffalo, NY L-R: Philip Cantu, 23, (San Antonio, TX); Daniel Bourg, 26,  (San Antonio); Waldemar Rivera, 33, originally from Lowell-spent years in the service. Austin Gutierrz, 19 (Houston);  Frs. Dick Sudlik and Jim Fee; James Trevino, 30 (Laredo, TX); Robert  Huffor, 20 (Whitinville MA);  Kevin Santandar, 18  (St. Louis, MO);  Manuel Romero, 33 (Houston).