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OMI Martyrs Inspire Devotion and Art





In various parts of the Oblate world, the lives and sacrifices of the Blessed Oblate Spanish Martyrs continue to inspire devotion among the faithful; some artists have been inspired to depict them in new ways.



June 24, 2014

A Return to Mission







Fr. Gideon RIMBERIA, a Kenyan Oblate ordained less than two years, will be the pastor of the new parish in Kisaju. They have many needs. Kisaju, which is a fast growing community relatively close to Nairobi, has been chosen as the place to establish the parish centre. Without a church, the community celebrates Sunday Mass in a nursery classroom that is overflowing. They are negotiating to get a few acres of land from the Catholic-sponsored school. The Oblates are presently renting a house as their residence in the mother parish but will move shortly to Kisaju itself, and look to rent there. They will be working with many tribal groups but predominantly with the Masai.



June 10, 2014

A Ministry of Presence

When the Oblates first arrived in Bangladesh in 1973, a country where 85% of the people are Muslims, there were only 300,000 Christians. 


May 6, 2014

“Growing” the Zambia Mission

In just over a year, a small garden with a few vegetable plants has become a large-scale agricultural operation – and as a result, the Missionary Oblates’ ministry in Zambia is growing as welThe garden, located at the Oblates’ House of Studies in the town of Makeni, includes more than 21,000 tomato plants and 10,000 heads of cabbage, along with smaller amounts of green peppers, potatoes, eggplants and onions. There is even a rapidly growing poultry operation.


April 15, 2014

Developing a culture of peace

Orlando Cardinal Quevedo said on 29 March that his archdiocese was pushing for the twin goals of more inter-religious dialogue between Christians, Muslims and Indigenous communities and the development of a “culture of peace” in Mindanao to complement the newly signed Comprehensive Agreement with the Bangsamoro.


April 7, 2014

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