A Gathering in Aix: Animators of the Constitutions and Rules

General Administration

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This June, the Oblate Community in Aix joyfully opened its doors to a unique gathering.

From June 16 to 30, 2024, 18 Oblates and a lay associate arrived in the Oblate “Holy Land” of Aix-en-Provence to participate in the Session for Animators of the Constitutions and Rules (CCRR). These 19 participants came together with a common purpose and mission, to animate the whole congregation.

Leadership and Vision
The session is guided by three Oblates: Fr. Paolo ARCHIATI from the Aix Community, Fr. Sakubita Lawrence LIKE from the Committee of CCRR, and Fr. Henricus Asodo ISTOYO, Assistant General for Formation. They will provide valuable experience and insights to help guide the participants through important discussions and collaborative efforts.

Goals and Aspirations
The primary aim of this session is to assess and address the current needs of the Congregation regarding the animation of the CCRR. Participants will engage in enriching presentations and exchanges on the essence and spirit of the Oblate Charism. This collaborative effort is a direct response to the call of the 37th General Chapter, with a significant focus on preparing for the 200th anniversary of the Papal Approbation of our “Book of Life.”

A Sacred Time for Renewal
Amidst the serene and historically rich atmosphere of Aix-en-Provence, often referred to as the “Holy Land of the Oblates,” the participants found a space for both personal and communal renewal. This gathering was not just about work; it was about rejuvenating spirits and strengthening bonds within the community.  It is a session geared to help rekindle the spirit of the Oblate Charism from its origins.

A Call for Support
As this important session continues to unfold, the participants have felt the prayers and support from the entire Oblate family. In this sacred place for the Oblate Charism, they are constantly reminded of the inspiring legacy of St. Eugene and his first companions, whose intercession is a guiding light throughout the session.

Your prayers and encouragement were invaluable as we worked towards a more vibrant and dynamic future for our Congregation and the entire Charismatic Family.