Sacred Heart in Eagle Pass Celebrates the Triduum

Eagle Pass, TX

Text by Oscar Mallen, with photos by the Eagle Pass Business Journal and Jeremiah Jimenez

Holy Thursday Mass Starts the Easter Triduum

Fr. Peter poses with the children of the CCD

Rev. Peter Antonisamy, OMI, celebrated the Holy Thursday mass and after his homily, the washing of the feet reenactment took place. As is customary, we invite a parish group to partake in the washing of the feet. This year, 12 of our CCD children were invited to take part. Involving youth in these events helps increase their faith by allowing them to take part in many of the beautiful celebrations.

Following the mass, the Blessed Sacrament is to be relocated from the tabernacle and placed in another designated area. Fr. Peter walked alongside our deacons in procession to deposit the Blessed Sacrament. There, the faithful were invited to participate in the adoration until midnight.

Fr. Peter Antonisamy, OMI, alongside Deacon Carlos Hernandez and Bro. Musonda Chota OMI in adoration.”

The Parish Youth Group enacts the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross)

The youth group in costume for the Via Crucis

On the liturgical celebration of Good Friday, our parish youth group oversees the enactment of the Way of the Cross. In this walk we are called to live through the suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ, meditating on the major sacrifice that he went through.

Parish youth reenacting Via Crucis

After the way of the cross, the faithful gathered in the parish to celebrate the Eucharistic service, and ultimately, the rite of the Adoration of the Cross. Good Friday tends to be a somber service since we know that Jesus Christ has died on the cross and the earth is at a standstill.

Holy Saturday, the Culmination of the Easter Triduum

On Saturday evening, the faithful gathered outside the parish to witness the blessing of the new fire. This fire was then used to light the new Paschal candle, which would then be used to light the faithful’s candles.

The Exsultet was then chanted by our deacon, followed by the traditional readings. Then, the climax of the celebration: the Gloria was sung, the church lights were turned on and the bells were rung to signify that Christ has truly risen from the dead.

On the left is Deacon Leandro Contreras and Deacon Carlos Hernandez holds the book for Fr. Peter

We now enter the liturgical season of Easter, these 50 days (about 7 weeks) serve as a reminder that, Christ has truly risen! However, we should ALWAYS remember that Christ underwent these events for the sake of our salvation. Praised be Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate! Alleluia!