“Grace and Gratitude, Sr. Madeleine Lane, SSND

King's House at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows

Originally Published on snows.org

How does one live knowing that we and all that we love will one day die?

In the presence of grief, how does one live in gratitude for all that has been given?

These questions will guide our time together. Change and letting go are natural parts of all life. These may come in death, other smaller losses like the ending of a relationship, or even your favorite job. Loss and grief invite us to live in gratitude and abundance, open to receiving grace.

When we open ourselves to the pain, we receive an invitation to deeper loving through grief. Our day will include input, sharing, and quiet time for reflection.

Madeleine Lane, SSND, MA, LMFT, a School Sisters of Notre Dame and licensed clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, has forty years of educational, spiritual direction, and counseling experience and is a grief specialist. She has degrees in education, pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, and an advanced degree in marriage and family therapy.

In addition to offering spiritual direction and therapy, she serves as a retreat leader, guest speaker, facilitator and workshop leader throughout the United States. She has also been an adjunct professor at Creighton University’s International Spirituality Graduate Program and Aquinas Institute of Theology.

She presently practices and resides in St. Louis, Missouri.