The “Lay Team” Meets Online

General Administration

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On January 18th, Stefano Dominici, the coordinator of lay associations and associates, convened the first online meeting with the ‘lay team.’ It consists of lay persons from different regions and three professed Oblates.

This meeting marked a reunion for those who had previously collaborated in preparing the 2nd Oblate Lay Associates Congress (OLAC). Notably, these lay individuals were also participants in the 37th General Chapter, where they presented the outcomes and expectations of the Lay Congress to the members of the General Chapter.

The meeting unfolded in an atmosphere of rekindled friendship and communion, embodying full synodality between lay and Oblate members. The primary focus of this initial stage was to update on the various activities of the regions, with a specific emphasis on the involvement of oblate laity. Significant challenges and intense work await this group to listen to the expectations of the oblate laity, encourage their sharing, and increasingly strengthen the links between the various groups and associations.