Christmas 2023: Message of the Superior General

General Administation - Rome

Originally Published on OMIWORLD.ORG

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Merry Christmas: “May your heart be filled with peace, love and joy; let glad tidings be your reason to smile!”

“Dear Brother Oblates, Lay Associates and the entire Charismatic Family,

As we come together in the warmth of this Christmas season, let us contemplate the profound message of peace embodied in the image of the infant child Jesus emerging from the ruins of war-torn lands.

Amidst darkness and destruction, the advent of the Christ child signifies hope, resilience, and the promise of renewal. Much like Jesus arose from humble beginnings in Bethlehem, light and love can also emerge from the darkest corners of our world.

In my Christmas card, I’ve chosen an image of the child Jesus amidst the rubble, symbolizing the enduring power of innocence and the potential for rebirth, even after devastation. It urges us to recognize the sacredness of every life, particularly those ensnared in the crossfire of conflict, prompting solidarity with those unable to celebrate Christmas due to war.

This Christmas, let’s not only rejoice in the birth of Christ but also dedicate ourselves to being instruments of peace. May the Christmas spirit motivate us to strive for a world where children no longer witness the horrors of war, and where the message of peace resonates louder than the echoes of conflict.

In the tender vulnerability of the infant child Jesus lying amidst the ruins, we discern a call to nurture and protect the sanctity of life. May this image serve as a reminder that, even in the face of adversity, the light of compassion and goodwill can triumph.

Wishing you a Christmas filled with the true essence of peace, and may the hope born in Bethlehem be a guiding star for our troubled world.”

Superior General.