Photos: Thanksgiving Celebrations at La Parra and in Tijuana

Sarita, Texas and Tijuana, Mexico

(Editor’s Note:) A bit of “surfing” around Facebook revealed some delightful photos of Thanksgiving celebrations with prenovices, and scholastics hosted by the formators and their brother Oblates. Not much text included, but the photos do a pretty good job of telling the whole story. In Tijuana the celebration for prenovices, friends and family was held at Casa Estudiantil de Mazenod. The Blessed Mario Borzaga Formation Community was hosted at the Oblate La Parra Center outside Sarita, Texas.

La Parra

These photos were posted along with the text: “Thank you to the Oblate Community at La Parra for us hosting us this years’ Thanksgiving.”

Scholasticate Director, Fr. Juan Gaspar is in white in first row, second on his right is Fr. Abraham Chimese, and in the second row, over Fr. Gaspar’s right shoulder is Fr. Arun Rosario
As the food is blest, the men in formation pray along with Oblate Fr. Roger Bergkamp on right
Quire a spread for the young men provided by the La Parra community
Oblates also got to enjoy the feast: (L-R) Oblate Fathers Abraham Chimese, Roger Bergkamp, and Jim Chambers

Casa Estudiantil de Mazenod

These photos were posted with the text: “Thanksgiving Celebration at Prenoviciado Oblato Tijuana . Thank God and the attendants.”

Pre-novitiate Director, Fr. William Antone, (L) leads the guests in prayer
Fr. Eleazar Manuel-Lopez (R) and guests