The Superior General Participates at the 100th Assembly of the USG

General Administration - Rome

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Fr. Chicho participates in the 100th Assembly of the Union of Superior Generals (USG) which is currently taking place at Fraterna Domus, in Rome, November 22-24.

The central theme, “Synodality: A Renewed Call to the Prophecy of Hope,” signifies a focus on collaboration, shared wisdom, and a prophetic response to the challenges faced by society, the Church, and religious families.

The assembly, attended by Delegates of the UISG Constellations, began their joint session at Fraterna Domus on November 19. On November 22, additional Superiors General will join, bringing the total number of participants to 120, fostering a collaborative atmosphere akin to previous USG meetings.

A momentous occasion during the assembly will be the meeting with Pope Francis on the morning of November 23. This gathering not only celebrates the first face-to-face meeting of the two Unions but also marks the 100th Assembly. It promises to be a unique opportunity for the Superiors General to engage with the Holy Father, reinforcing the spirit of unity, shared purpose, and hope that underpins the mission of the religious families represented.

This assembly stands as a testament to the ongoing commitment of different religious congregations to synodality, prophecy, and hope in the service of the Church and the world.