Oblates Facing Danger in Haitian Unrest


EDITOR’S NOTE: The text below represents two emails sent to Oblate Brother Richard Coté by U.S. Oblates stationed in Haiti. These long-time missionaries provide first-hand observations of the humanitarian crisis gripping Haiti.

From Bro. Richard Coté, OMI


. . . from Fred Charpentier 

Fr. Fred Charpentier is on the left of this photo taken when U.S. Provincial, Fr. Louis Studer visited Haiti.

“As I write this, the Provincial House is presently in GREAT DANGER of being attacked by gangs, now very close to our street in Port-au-Prince. Neighbors are afraid of more violence ahead.  There is a general feeling that the outside world is not looking in or seems to be interested in our situation.  We are staying firmly in place with the majority of the population in crisis, a strong witness to the presence of the Lord always with us and the vow of perseverance we all profess as Oblates.   Continue to support us in prayer and solidarity.”

. . . from John Henault

“I have just received an advisory from a Hatian amateur radio friend of mine in Port-au-Prince.  At the present time, I couldn’t leave here even if I wanted to, would never make it out to one of the two international airports still open (P. au P. & Cap Haitien)

Fr. John Henault, OMI

Telephone service is very difficult at times as gangs are cutting the optic cables to telecommunication systems.  I will not go into the atrocities being committed by the gangs that now control all of Haiti.  I’m still trying to keep the clinic (Leper) open.

September 15, the U.N. security council is supposed to vote to confirm international force to be led by Kenya.  So, it may be 1-2-3 months before we may get help.  Right now Haiti is the 14th worst country to be in, in the world.  

Please continue to pray for the deliverance of Haiti.  Also, that come September we begin to see some relief from the 108+ heat.”