Pozuelo: Oblate Youth to Celebrate the Charism Before WYD

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The youth ministry of the Mediterranean Province wanted to prepare together in participation for WYD 2023, which will take place in Lisbon, by organizing a gathering in the days leading up to the WYD in our Oblate community in Pozuelo (Madrid).

Desire for renewal

Some 270 young people from various Oblate communities in Italy and Spain will meet from July 28 to 31 in Pozuelo de Alarcón, and then together, they will set off for Lisbon with the hopes that their encounter with the Pope may renew their vocation as young Oblates in the mission and with the desire to continue proclaiming to all young people that Christ is our life.

A sense of belonging to this great charismatic family

The response from young people exceeded all expectations, so we are grateful and enthusiastic. The preparatory committee spent months thinking about all the details of this meeting, which is intended to be festive and family oriented. The presence of Fr. Luis Ignacio Rois Alonso, Fr. Gennaro Rosato, provincial, and other members of the congregation and province leadership fills us with joy. It makes us feel part of this great charismatic family. 

The charism is alive 

This meeting is a sign for our congregation that the charism is still alive and continues to conquer the hearts of so many young people with the desire that some feel called to follow Christ from our charism.  We will be accompanied during these days by the examples of the Oblate martyrs of Spain and the Virgin Mary, who “rose and left without delay,” as this year’s WYD motto reminds us. Both will help us strengthen our missionary zeal and teach us how to reach out to the poorest and most abandoned of our world.

Pilgrims of hope in communion

Three intense days of prayer, sharing, formation, visits to Madrid and Paracuellos del Jarama, parties, fun, and encounters will strengthen our bonds so that we can continue to walk together as young people of the Mediterranean province as pilgrims of hope in communion.