Webinar on Safeguarding and the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults

Asia Oceana Regional Conference of Oblates

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On Thursday, the 13th of July, the AORC (Asia Oceania Regional Conference) had its first webinar on the subject of Safeguarding and the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults.

Twenty-five participants heard a presentation by Mrs. Megan VARDANEGA, who the Australian Province employed as Safeguarding Coordinator. She explained the processes, development, and implementation of policies within the Australian context, which have helped the Province navigate the various National requirements.

Fr. Sakubita LIKE, OMI, the Procurator General, followed with a presentation explaining the need for the world, following the initiatives of Pope Francis, to engage and actively adopt policies that will allow us to create a culture of ‘Protection’ within our local ministries. Using Canon Law, he was able to help us understand that what we are now seeking to achieve has always been enshrined in law and is a basic right of justice for all.

Fr.  LIKE emphasized three key areas to be addressed by each Unit:
1. Good policies and procedures to be implemented well;
2. Capacity building for Oblates in the Unit;
3. Reporting mechanisms in place.

The discussion that followed demonstrated that the region is prepared to work towards the creation of policies that will form all Oblates, be they in First Formation or ministry, to understand and apply this extraordinary ‘good’ that needs to be adopted.