Online Meeting of the Committee for the Constitutions and Rules

General Administration - Rome

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By Sakubita Lawrence Like, OMI (Procurator General/Committee Coordinator)

The Permanent Committee for the Constitutions and Rules, which was named by the Superior General in the January / February Plenary Session had its second online meeting on Friday, 23 June 2023.

This second meeting was to review the Committee’s objectives as mandated by the 37th General Chapter. It was also to look at developing a plan for animation and also its collaboration with the Oblate International of Aix-en-Provence in that task.

The meeting culminated in a discussion of the mandate from the Superior General with regard to the restructuring of the Congregation. Following steps laid down in the Acts of the 37th General Chapter, the committee has embarked on a process of proposing to the Superior General material for his initial discussion with the entire Congregation in that regard. Some of the questions that came out and need continuous reflection are:

1) What is the status quo of community life and mission?

2) How can we renew our community life and our mission in today’s world?

3) What kind of structures do we think would facilitate the said renewal?

The members of the Permanent Committee for the Constitutions and Rules are: Frs. Constant KIENGE-KIENGE, (Provincial elect of Congo DR), Martin WOLF, ( Germany/General House Community), Grzegorz RURAŃSKI, (Poland), Sakubita Lawrence LIKE, (Zambia/Procurator General) and Warren BROWN, (US/General Administration).