OST Celebrates 120th Graduation Ceremonies

San Antonio, TX

By Fr. Louis Studer, OMI

L-R): Louis Studer, OMI, Art Flores, OMI, Jasmine Azima, Rene Espinoza, Sr. Jane Ann Slater, CDP.

Thirty one received academic degrees at graduation ceremonies held at Oblate School of Theology Friday afternoon, May 5th. Oblates, Board Members, Faculty and Staff were on hand at the festivities to honor the graduates. 2023 marks the 120th anniversary of graduations at Oblate School of theology.

Seventy students received certificates in faith formation and pastoral leadership at graduation ceremonies on Saturday morning, May 6. These graduates are certified as leaders of imparting the faith in a wide variety of important positions in our churches in many cultures and countries.

Louis Studer, OMI and Board Member Bishop Sylvester David, OMI, from Cape Town, South Africa
President of Oblate School of Theology Dr. Scott Woodward and Medal of Honor Recipient Bob Wright, OMI, Professor, preparing for the ceremony to begin
(L-R): Oblate Theology Students Pablo Henning and Solomon Gaja speaking with Oblates Thomas Klosterkamp and Rufus Whitley.
(L-R): Professor Bryan Silva, OMI, Archbishop Stephen Brislin of Cape Town, South Africa, who received an Honorary Doctorate, Auxiliary Bishop Sylvester David, OMI, of Cape Town and Board Member Steven Ayers.