Provincial Announces New Zambian Superior

Lusaka, Zambia

Photos and text by Fr. Louis Studer, OMI, U.S. Provincial

(L-R) Fr. Chishima Chibesa , Fr. Louis Studer

I am happy to announce that Father General and Council have confirmed the appointment of Father Chibesa Chishimba as Superior of the delegation of Zambia. I received this message a few days ago and wanted to wait to officially announce it in my keynote address to the delegation today.

Delivering keynote address the first morning of the Assembly.

The U.S. Provincial Council had approved this appointment for confirmation by Father General at our council meeting December 6th.

Everyone was excited to congratulate Chishima Chibesa after my announcement that he was confirmed as the Delegation Superior.

Offering congratulations to Chishimba Chilbesa at the Assembly are: (L-R): Oblates Chileshe Mulenga, Joseph Phiri. Chishimba, Louis Studer, Matthews Zulou, Art Flores.
Loud and extended applause followed this announcement as well as a standing ovation.

Father Chibesa’s gifts of integrity, knowledge of the delegation, prayerfulness and ministry experience were especially noted as he becomes Leader for the coming three years.

In the name of the entire U.S. Province, I offer my congratulations to Father Chibesa.

Father Nebby Mutale continues serving as Superior until Chibesa and Council are installed.

Now we begin the consultation for the delegation council. I hope this can be finished within the next couple weeks, before the end of January.

Vicar Provincial Art Flores (L) makes an important point to Father Pat Gitzen (R) as the Assembly is about to begin. Fr. Pat has ministered in Zambia most of his priesthood. He was Fr. Art’s History teacher years ago at St. Anthony’s Seminary. A few Zambian Oblates look on in amazement

On his way to Zambia, Fr. Studer had the opportunity to meet with some friends along with the local Oblate Bishop and the Archbishop in Cape Town, South Africa

Mass with friends, Tom and JoAnn Foppe, and Bishop Sylvester David, OMI. 
Discussing some details of the graduation ceremonies at Oblate School of Theology with Archbishop Stephen Brislin (on right) and Bishop Sylvester David (on left) over lunch in Cape Town, South Africa.
In conversation with Archbishop Stephen Brislin, (center) Ordinary of Cape Town, South Africa and Bishop Sylvester David, OMI, (right) Auxiliary, in Cape Town, along the Atlantic Ocean.

Archbishop Brislin will be giving the commencement address at graduation ceremonies at Oblate School of Theology in May. He will also receive an Honorary Doctorate in Pastoral Leadership at that time. Bishop David currently serves on the board of Oblate School of Theology. 

Oblates have ministered in South Africa since 1851. As Oblate School of Theology continues to expand its outreach to the world, the graduation ceremonies in May will give testimony to its expansive growth and influence as an intercultural, international institution of higher learning.