Art and Prayer: Collage and Visio Divina

Oblate School of Theology

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Art and Prayer: Collage and Visio Divina

October 6 @ 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Recurring Event (See all)$120.00

Tina Karagulian Art and Prayer

Thursdays, Sep 8 – Oct 27 | 1:00PM – 3:00PM Central Time | ONLINE EVENT VIA ZOOM

Spiritual Direction Through Creativity

This collage class series is open to students from a wide range of spiritual and faith traditions, allowing one the opportunity to go inward through meditation / contemplation and create on paper the (life, growth, passion, focus, heart) that your own inner guidance and the Holy within wants to reveal to you. From this experience, you can release what is holding you back from moving forward in your life, and then see the clues and hints from your inner wisdom to take new creative steps in our lives. These classes also benefit those who have shut down their creativity (whether it be another creative outlet like writing, music, etc.)…collage and meditation opens up you for you, in a safe and supportive way. Writers and poets welcome! Each week, Tina will include a handout via e-mail with writing prompts that may support you during the week, based on the initial themes given. Gather a few materials that call to you each week (see supply list below). Your inner guidance is the most important part, so listening for what bubbles up in you always takes precedence. No ART EXPERIENCE needed. If you feel the nudge, join us and see where your inner journey takes you. Limited slots available.

Feature Image: Translucent Wave, Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 inches, by Tina Karagulian,
“Tina Karagulian has a beautiful, evocative process in her Visio Divina weekly sessions that gently coaxes our healing energy to emerge during the collage assembly. She weaves together music, meditation, tactile sensations and breath to form a safety net in which participants are able to explore deeply held emotions individually and together. This has been an enriching experience that supports my having the courage to explore deep wounds as well as a lifetime of forgotten treasures. Thank you, Tina, for developing and offering this sacred, soul container, especially during this difficult time of uncertainty in our country and in our world.”   ~Rosalyn Collier, Co-Founder SA peaceCENTER

Class Dates

All classes will take place on Thursday afternoons, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm Central Time, ONLINE via Zoom.

Portions of each class session will be recorded and made available to registered participants through November 10, 2022. Please note that periods of participants’ sharing in small and large group settings will not be recorded. In general, the following portions of each class session will be recorded: opening prayer, collage period, journaling period, and teaching period.

Below are themes that will be explored:

Session 1September 8Triggers & Blessings
Session 2September 15Upleveling / Gratitude
Session 3September 22Just Listen / Layers of Nature
Session 4September 29Boundaries
Session 5October 6Forgiveness
Session 6October 13Messy Birth
Session 7October 20Sacred Heart
Session 8October 27Color & Joy

“Very grateful for Tina’s 8-week creativity/meditation workshop, which helped me tremendously. I healed trauma that I  didn’t even realize I still had, and I opened up some creativity flows.”  ~Sefirah

Class Supply List

  • magazines (6-8 everyday ones you have, and 6-8 gardening, landscape, earth imagery, and multicultural magazines such as National Geographic, spiritual magazines such as The Sun. Find ones that truly speak to your heart and soul)
  • old calendars with photographs of places on earth
  • 6 gluesticks
  • scissors
  • color markers, colored pens/pencils, and/or crayons
  • colored tissue paper (all colors of the rainbow in one pack)
  • paint chips from home improvement stores (select the colors that speak to you)
  • blank paper (8 1/2 x 11 size)
  • masking tape (to create larger paper from four 8 1/2 x 11 papers)
  • heart and milagro images, printed from online websites
  • anything that inspires you to put on a collage

Begin gathering before class begins and between weekly sessions.


  • photocopies of photographs, of family members or yourself that speak to you
  • maps
  • dried flowers, leaves
  • anything not listed here that inspires you


Tina Karagulian absolutely loves to support the awakening of your soul wisdom. For over 30 years, clients report experiencing inner peace, increased health and vitality, connection to their inner truth, and awakened creativity in a safe and inviting space. She is an artist, spiritual director, licensed counselor, and Kundalini yoga instructor, and received a Masters in Social Work degree from Boston University, and a Spiritual Direction certificate from Direction Ministries. Tina has been a facilitator and spiritual director at the Summer Institute, women’s retreats, and the Forest Dwelling Program at Oblate School of Theology, offering collage and poetry as spiritual direction tools to go inward and connect to the Holy guidance within. She is the author of the memoir It Is Time and contemplative books of poetry New Skin: Poetry and Prayers, and Under the Papaya Tree: A Book of Love Poems, and Inner and Outer Space: Paintings and Poetry. She offers you the opportunity to release the mind and life stories and enter more deeply into the peace of your sacred heart, through creativity, meditation, and music. Tina Karagulian offers sound healing gatherings with heart gong and crystal bowl; Kundalini yoga sets; collage & creativity studio classes; retreat experiences; and intuitive painting commissions to support your soul’s transformation. For more information, visit

Photograph of Tina Karagulian by Victoria Trevino

Registration Fee: $120 (fee includes cost for entire 8-week series)

Please note: We will send you a Zoom link and login instructions via email approximately one week before the series begins.

For information or to register by phone, contact Associate Registrar, Victoria Rodriguez, at or (210) 341-1366 EXT 240.