Chapter Photos From Fathers Studer and Ponce

37th General Chapter

Photos by Fathers Louis Studer and Antonio Ponce

U.S. Provincial, Fr. Louis Studer and Fr. Antonio Ponce, Superior of the Borzaga Formation Community in San Antonio, are both Delegates to the General Chapter. In their spare time, they’ve clicked off some photos of their activities and made them available to share with you.

In the front row of this photo of the capitulars in session, Fr. Ray Cook is second from right and Fr. Warren Brown is on the far left. (Photo by Fr. Antonio Ponce)
Fr. Louis Studer is second from left. (Photo by Fr. Antonio Ponce)
This is a presentation by Oblate Associates invited to the chapter. No one from the U.S. was included but Canadian, Sandy Prather, (far right) represented the Canada-US Region. (Photo by Fr. Antonio Ponce)
Canada-U.S. Region celebrating Mass Back Row: Ken Thorson, Mateusz Garstecki, Remi LePage, Fernando Velasquez, Tom Ovalle, Harley Mapes, David Munoz, Alfred Grzempa, Front Row: Tony Ortiz, Ray Cook, Antonio Ponce. (photo and caption by Fr. Louis Studer)
U.S. Oblates enjoying a free day in Rome. Back Row (L-R): Tony Ortiz, Mateusz Garstecki Middle Row: David Munoz, Antonio Ponce Front Row: Ray Cook, Louis Studer (caption and photo by Fr. Louis Studer)
A morning view of Lake Nemi from our residence. (Photo and caption by Fr. Louis Studer)
On a free day in Rome we see Fr Studer at the Basilica of St. Mary Major, the 4th century Church built to honor Mary as Our Lady of the Snows. (Photo by Fr. Louis Studer)