New Photos from Cuban Missionary, Fr. Nick Harding, OMI

Missionary Postcard

Photos and captions by Fr. Nick Harding, OMI

Editor’s Note: For the past several months we have been treated to some photographic essays on daily life under Communist rule on the island nation of Cuba. U.S. Oblates Fathers Roger Hallee and Nick Harding minister there and Fr. Harding enjoys taking snapshots and providing captions for a look at Cuba through the eyes of men who are, “Close to People.”

At pizzería, with two OMI scholastics: Doroteo from Guatemala and Gabriel from México, here in Cuba for summer pastoral experience. Only cheese no toppings available” (Fr. Nick is on the right in front and Fr. Roger Hallee is directly behind him on the right rear.)
“Long line for ration of one bottle of cooking oil.
“Kids in front of our parish, Our Lady of, Carmen in Cojimar”
“Bananas (need to be cooked) are one of the few things that are plentiful”
“Altar in a house of Syncretist religión, so common here”
“Rainbow from rooftop of our residence”
“Creative way to plant”

Editor’s Note: Economic sanctions imposed on Cuba after Castro’s revolution meant Cubans could no longer get U.S. cars or parts for them. So Cubans have used their ingenuity to keep cars from the 1950’s running far beyond their normal useful lives. Fr. Nick enjoys sending photos of these vintage automobiles so common in Cuba.

“Still some Nash cars in our parish”
Backside of the same car, a Nash Rambler from the early 1950s.