New Missionary Post Card from Cuba

Oblate Missionaries in Cuba

Fr. Nick Harding, OMI

Oblate Fathers Roger Hallée and Nick Harding are currently serving in Cuba. Fr. Nick has been sending photos of the parishes and people they work with. The photos give us a rare look at life and faith on the island which has been under the domination of the Castro family since 1959.

Man of few words that he is, the photos below include captions by Fr. Nick describing what we’re seeing. Many of the photos are from Holy Week.

We begin with a birthday celebration for one of the other Oblates working in Cuba, Fr Wilmar Gama (on R). Fr. Nick Harding is on the left and Fr. Roger Hallée is the tall man in back
“Five OMI priests sharing a meal for birthday”

The next two photos show the Oblates on a rare day of recreation.

“Five Oblates at beautiful Tarara beach within our East Habana parish area.”
(Fr. Roger is on the right, Fr. Nick in lower left taking beach selfie)

“Contrast with our littered Cojimar beach”

The next few photos are some randon photos of Fr. Nick’s parishioners and street scenes in Habana

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“Long lines for food”
“91 year old man likes to sit on street corner near our residence”
“Home cigar productivo Pinar del Río and Ricardo proudly showed his homemade Nuestra Senora de Caridad del Cobre”
“A German tourist gave me a soccer ball we passed on to boys on our street”
“Oblates in los Palacios, Pinar del Río have a finca with mango trees, 7 day old colt of caretaker.”
“Fr Roger supervising charcoal production”
“Good shepherd”

Fr. Nick concludes this post card with some shots of their ministry.

“Catechism class outside un Cojimar parish”
“Parish synod assembly”
“Palm Sunday”
“Chrism Mass with Cardinal” in cathedral
“Oblate lay associates on May 21, for East Habana parishes”