Response to March 30, Article on Eastern Orthodox Declaration


Editor’s Note: In our March 30, news update, we featured an article titled, “A Declaration on the ‘Russian World’ Teaching” which featured a response to, the efforts by Russia’s President Putin and the Patriarch of Moscow, Kirill, to take over the Ukraine has provoked the various Eastern Orthodox leaders, on March 13, 2022, to issue a document against Putin and Kirill, “A Declaration on the ‘Russian World’ Teaching”. (That article and the original declaration may be seen here) Below is a short comment on the declaration from Oblate Father Dan Nassaney, followed by a recommended article on the declaration by Filip Noubel.

The vast majority of Eastern Churches not in union with Rome celebrate Holy Week and Easter one week after us this year.  As we begin our Convocation on April 18, let us remember especially those Orthodox Christians in the Ukraine and Russia as they approach the holiest days of the year.” – Fr. Harry Winter, OMI

Fr. Dan Nassaney, OMI

It is well done and courageous.  I do not know how well it is being disseminated in Pro-Russia milieus.  It is very “Eastern Orthodox” which is appropriate for the intended audience.

I had to smile sadly as I read the article.  You probably already know that the Russian word “mir” has two translations: world and peace.  I am attaching an earlier article that can help readers better understand Putin’s concept of “Russian Peace.”Fr. Dan Nassaney, OMI

Click here to see the article Fr. Nassaney references: “What Does Russian World Stand for in Putin’s Statements About Ukraine?” Written by Filip Noubel and Originally Published by GlobalVoices .