New Missionary Post Card and Easter Greetings From Cuba

Oblate Mission in Cuba

By Fr. Nick Harding, OMI

Fr. Nick Harding, OMI on balcony overlooking the Vinales National Park

U.S. Oblate Fr. Nicholas Harding is currently serving in the Cuban mission along with Fr. Roger Hallee and other Oblates from around the world. When possible, Fr. Nick takes photos as he travels around the island nation, sending them in to give us a fascinating look at this country which remains behind the “Iron Curtain” which came down when Castro took over in 1959.

Fr. Nick wants to extend wishes for a Blessed Lent and Easter from the Missionary Oblates in Cuba. The photo captions below in quotes and italics are Fr. Nick’s own descriptions

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“Five OMIs now in Cuba Mission. Gathered for Fr. Roger’s 86th birthday. Fr. Wilmar Gama of Brazil is closest taking selfie, behind L-R are: Fr. Tomás Szafranski from Poland, Fr. Nick, Fr. Roger Hallee, Fr. Shihan Shanaka from Sri Lanka”
This spectacular shot is from an overlook in “The famous Vinales National Park in Pinar del Rio not far from our parish in Palacios.”
“Inside a cave we entered in a small boat in the park”
“Notice thatched tobacco barns.” Fr. Nick Harding, OMI
“Our garden in East Habana, priest residence. Attempting to grow our own vegetables”
“Several varieties of mangos.” (Fr. Wilmar on left, Fr. Nick in rear on the right)
“Balcony shot of part of Camilo Cienfuegos where we have no worship space. Population: 12,000…we want to purchase a ground floor apartment as a chapel.”
“Erected in 1958, (Pre-Castro) statue of Cristo de Habana made with Carara marble overlooks the harbor.” (L-R) Fr. Nick Harding, Fr. Wilmar Gama, Fr. Tomáz Szafranski.
“Kids playing tops in front of our parish”