Oblates in Ukraine Asking for Your Prayers


Now that Russian troops have entered two breakaway regions of Ukraine, the world watches to see how far Russian President Putin will allow his troops to penetrate into the rest of the country. No one will be watching more closely than the population of Ukraine itself. Within that population are some dedicated Oblate priests who are now calling for our prayers.

At the center of this photo is the Provincial of the Polish Oblates, , Fr. Pawel Zajac, OMI during a visit to Ukraine

The Oblates were some of the first priests to enter Ukraine after the fall of Communism.  They have spent more than 30 years restoring churches back to houses of worship which the Communists had turned into factories, storage facilities and meeting halls.  The Oblates are also involved in numerous social service ministries such as feeding the homeless and providing care for the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear tragedy.  The Oblates are responsible for the church nearest the nuclear disaster site, an area that is still highly contaminated with radiation.

As this crisis unfolds, please pray for the Oblates who minister in Ukraine.