Missionary Postcard: Christmas in Cuba


Photos and text by Fr. Nicholas Harding, OMI

(Editor’s note: Fr. Nick Harding, OMI is one of two U.S. Oblates stationed in Cuba, the other being Fr. Roger Hallee, OMI. This is another in a series of articles featuring photos from Fr. Nick along with short comments giving some insight into what life is like for priests and their faith communities in a land where the government restricts religious practices and is always watching. It should be noted that the Cuban government also restricts what can be posted or seen on social media)

“Greetings from tropical Cuba, a green Christmas! Here it is not the custom to put up lights….., few have trees or gift-giving in their homes.”

In one parish we had a Christmas play before Nochebuena mass. 

Four girls received First Holy Communion.

On Dec 17, San Lázaro Feast Day, pilgrims come to the nationwide Shrine barefoot, and on their knees

Fr. Shihan with youth in Los Palacios

Gathering Oblates in Advent. Fr. Nick on left, Fr Roger Hallee on right

Advent Mass in a home…no church permitted in an area of 30,000 except domestic church

A toast for New Year after Mass

Our garden is flourishing in December, Maracuya fruit

Poinsettias  in yard

–  In Christ’s love, Fr Nick