Rev. Fr. Rohan Silva, OMI: Our Duty to Make This ‘Havocked Home’ Back Into a ‘Home of Hope’

Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation

Originally Published on the Website: OMIUSAJPIC.ORG

By Fr. Rohan Silva, OMI

Fr. Rohan Silva, OMI

The pandemic represents the permanent threat to the whole world, labelled as the worst social shockwave and the unprecedented economic down turn in recent history. Sri Lanka with this viral outbreak like the similar middle-income countries is also most vulnerable where the economic tremor is already felt and its severe assault may be expected to be significantly direct and indirect. The scarcities or the fear of such possibilities are what has created part of the havoc. However, the human potential is to win these hurdles of life with hope and courage. This edition of Social Justice, its 201st volume has thematized this very notion that if there is havoc then there is hope with all human imagination and effort.

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