Provincial Making the Rounds at Oblate Meetings and Events: Part 2

U.S. Oblate Province

By Will Shaw

U.S. Provincial, Fr. Louis Studer, OMI continues his month-long journey around the U.S. province and Tijuana, often accompanied by the Vicars-provincial, Fathers Jim Brobst and Art Flores, along with Treasurer, Jim Chambers attending annual jubilees and conducting area meetings. Each of the Area Meetings included reports from the provincial, the treasurer, Fr. Jim Chambers, OMI, and from Fr. Rufus Whitley, OMI, who oversees the province investment finds.

Below is a photo-journal of these activities.

First stop was Tewksbury, MA where Fathers Studer, Flores and Brobst helped celebrate Jubilees

Dinner after the Jubilee Mass finds (L-R) Maureen Bacchi, Presenter at the next day’s meeting, Provincial, Fr. Louis Studer, Fr. Ray Cook and Bro. Craig Bonham

The meeting begins with Fr. Studer’s Provincial report

Oblate Fathers, Gene Tremblay, Bill Sheehan, and George Roy during group discussion

The next stop is Most Precious Blood Parish in Chula Vista, CA

Stopping for just one day, here’s a casual moment in the Rectory kitchen. (L-R) Pastor, Fr. Paul Dass Selvaraj, OMI, Fr. Jim Allen, OMI (back to camera) , Fr. Studer, and Fr. Steven Montez, OMI

From Chula Vista, it’s a short drive over the border to the Oblate’s Pre-novitiate in Tijuana, Mexico

In the residence, Fr. Studer visits with Bro. Peter Vasquez, OMI

(L-R) Fr. Studer with Pre-novitiate Director, Fr. Bill Antone, OMI, Superior, Fr. Jesse Esqueda, OMI, and Fr. Lucio Castillo, OMI

Fr Jesse Esqueda, OMI has recruited these volunteer leaders who make it possible for the mission to provide medical services, food, housing, education, scholarships and much more to the poor

Fr. Studer (L) tours the Oblate School for developmentally disabled children with Director, Fr. Lucio Castillo, OMI

In this desperately poor area of Tijuana, houses are thrown up using whatever is available.

The Oblates provide hundreds of these bags of food and supplies to the needy every month.

Fr. Studer gets a “high-five” from a local youngster

The Oblate Mission in Baja is full of challenges

Next stop is the Area Meeting in San Fernando, CA. (L-R) presenter, Maureen Bacchi, Fr. Studer, Fr. Steven Montez and seated, Fr. Marek Stroba, OMI

U.S. Treasurer, Fr. Jim Chambers, OMI begins his report

(L-R) Oblate Fathers Carlos Alarcon, Jack Lau, and Bill Antone discuss what they’ heard

Next it’s on to the newly-renovated Oblate Novitiate in Godfrey, IL for a celebratory blessing of the building

Oblates, novices, employees and benefactors gathered for a re-dedication of the 1920’s-era former home.

In recognition of their extraordinary generosity towards the renovation of the novitiate, Fr. Studer presented Renee Benson (L) and Jasmine Azima of Jasmine Engineering with special medallion necklaces and a blessing .

(L-R) Fr. Jim Brobst, OMI, Artie Pingolt, President of the Missionary Oblate Partnership, Renee Benson, Reverend Monsignor David J. Hoefler, V.G, Jasmine Azima, Fr. Louis Studer, Fr. Art Flores, Fr. Jim Chambers

On October 18, Fathers Studer, Flores and Brobst attended the Jubilee celebration at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, IL.  (L-R) Fr. Joseph Hitpas, OMI, Most Rev. Michael McGovern, Bro Andrew Lawlor, OMI, Fr. John Madigan, OMI, Fr. Harold Fisher, OMI, Fr. Raul Salas, OMI (top), Fr. Joseph Ferraioli, OMI, Bro. Tom Ruhmann, OMI, Fr. Michael Hussey, OMI, Fr. Tom Ovalle, OMI, Fr. Jim Fee, OMI, (seated) Fr. William Woestman, OMI

(L-R) Oblate Fathers Elvis Mwamba, Raul Salas, and Juan Gaspar check in for the meeting with Sandee Richards and Jennifer Conklin

King’s House Director, Fr. Sal Gonzalez, OMI welcomes the men to the Area Meeting

Now the men of the Midwest get to experience Maureen Bacchi’s call to reflect on the experience of the pandemic.

The final day of the province area meetings begins with Fr. Louis Studer’s Provincial Report.

Listening to Fr. Studer’s remarks are (L-R) Fr. Jim Allen, OMI, Fr. Allen Maes, OMI, Fr. Thomas Hayes, OMI, and Fr. Thomas Killeen, OMI

During a break Fathers Studer and Brobst are in deep discussion. Perhaps they’re planning how to get home quickest after 30 days on the road!