Beginning Again: Benedictine Wisdom for Living with Illness

Oblate School of Theology

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Tuesdays, Sept 14 – Nov 2 |9:30AM – 11:30AM Central Time | ONLINE EVENT VIA ZOOM

Particularly as we grow older, many of us discover that we live with ailments of some sort. These may be minor or they may be demanding chronic conditions or even terminal diagnoses. The challenge becomes, as one person put it, “to give the mess some meaning.” Using Beginning Again: Benedictine Wisdom for Living with Illness by Mary C. Earle, as our text, we will explore ways of crafting a rule of life informed by living with the illness. The ancient Benedictine Rule will be our guide and our inspiration. This class will be offered virtually, through Zoom. Class sessions will include meditation, time for journaling, reflection from the facilitators, small group time, and large group offerings. Each session will also have a 10 minute break.

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Class Dates

All classes will take place on Tuesday mornings, 9:30 am to 11:30 am Central Time, ONLINE via Zoom.


Week 1 September 14 Introduction
Week 2 September 21 Part I: “Giving the Mess Some Meaning”, Introduction, Chapters 1 and 2, pp. 1-19
Week 3 September 28 Chapter 3, pp. 21-30
Week 4 October 5 Part II: Living with Illness: Discovering Your Rule of Life, Chapters 4 and 5, pp. 31-51
Week 5 October 12 Chapters 6 and 7, pp. 53-69
Week 6 October 19 Part III: Practicing Stability, Obedience, Conversion, and Prayer, Chapter 8, pp. 71-82
Week 7 October 26 Chapters 9 and 10, pp. 95-102
Week 8 November 2 Chapters 11 and 12, pp. 103-122

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