Fr. Séamus Finn Visits Nature Preserve With its Oblate Namesake

Southern Illinois

FaceBook Post by Fr. Séamus Finn, OMI, August 21, 2021

(L-R) Fr. Séamus Finn, OMI, Fr. Paul Wightman, OMI

Fr. Séamus Finn, OMI enjoys a wonderful Saturday morning visit with fellow Oblate, Fr. Paul Wightman, OMI, who has had a 70+ year career as a spelunker, surveyor, and mapper of caves. Fr. Paul Wightman’s family is from Waterloo, Illinois. At the end of the visit the two made plans to reconvene for the next total eclipse of the Sun in 2024.
Read more about Fr. Wightman’s work:…/paul-wightman-subterranean…/