Fr. Art Flores, OMI Visits Novitiate in Guatemala


Text and photos by Fr. Art Flores, OMI, Vicar-provincial and Director of Personnel

For the past few days, I have been visiting our novice Floriberto (Beto) Gonzalez Castaneda.  Beto is halfway through his novitiate year, which began in January. The Delegation of Guatemala, attached to the Mexican Province, operates the novitiate for the Mexican Province, and receives novices from provinces and missions throughout Latin America.  This year, there are five novices:

(L to R): Fr. Alberto Montiel, OMI (assistant Novice Master, from Argentina) Christian Gerardo Monzonbite Cachique (Peru) Jasiel Dos Santos Silva (Brazil) Beto Gonzalez Castaneda (Mexico) Robinson Silva Villalba (Colombia) Cleber Aparecido Rodriguez (Brazil) Fr. Martin Lacki, OMI (Novice Master, from Poland)

All of our current ministry endeavors were placed on the table above.

Last night (July 29), during holy hour, the novitiate community prayed for all of our USP ministries, and expressed their deep gratitude to the missionaries who helped establish many of the units currently operating in Latin America.

Fr. Art Flores and Beto Gonzalez Castaneda in the chapel of the Novitiate in Guatemala.

Below are two short Videos Fr. Flores made at the Novitiate: