Video: “Behind the Green” Follows Struggle of Indigenous People’s Struggle to Preserve Homeland in Bangladesh


Thanks to Fr. Séamus Finn, OMI

BEHIND THE GREEN. “We are children of the forest. We were born here and grew up here. We have been living here for hundreds of years. Cultivating of betel leaf is our main livelihood. We will not leave this forest. We cannot survive if we are evicted from the forest in the name of this Eco-Park.”

Anil Young Eyung, a Khasi leader. The film Behind the Green (Part 1-3) is made on the historic struggle of the Garo and Khasi people for their ancestral homeland in Bangladesh against Government plans to establish an Eco-park in the Moulvibazar district which will take up more than 1500 acres of indigenous people’s land for tourism.

The films also features Fr. Joseph Gomes OMI, a missionary catholic priest working amongst Garo and Khasi people in Bangladesh. More information at / issues.