Missionary Postcard from Cuba


By Fr. Nicholas Harding, OMI

(Editor’s note: Fr. Nicholas Harding, OMI has recently arrived in Cuba to begin his next assignment in ministry. Below are some photos and a few words about his new home. Future communications from Fr. Harding will hopefully include photos and text describing his ministry, the people and the culture of Cuba.)

From Fr. Nick:

“I went to beautiful Pinar del Río where we have the other Oblate mission. Buenas  Juntos covers the mountains. In foto, I golf a coffee plant. Rectory has orchids and grapes.  Also foto with Fr Roger and a 1950’s Chevy. The four Oblate priests lunch birthday of Wilmar.”

Prayers, Fr Nick

Fr. Nick (on left) with Fr. Roger Hallee, OMI and a 1956 Chevrolet. American cars in service before the Castro Regime came to power in 1959 have been kept in service by the locals.

Fr. Nick checks out a coffee plant

Grapes grow on the grounds of the rectory

Fr. Nick appears to be watering the garden