Tijuana Youth Connect Lion’s Club Hearing Aids with Hearing Impaired

Tijuana, Mexico

By David Rizo and Rich Reader

Recently, the Lions Club offered hearing aids at a greatly discounted price here in Tijuana. However, the client cost was still out of reach for four of our friends. Maximum Impact, a US group stepped up and offered to pay the client share.

Sixty-four-year-old Hector, who usually sits silent and lets his wife do all the talking, got a hearing aid. He needed two, but due to an ear infection, could only get one for now.

Eighty-year-old Arnulfo, who often gives a blank stare to a question, received two hearing aids in exchange for a delighted-with-surprise smile.

Young Keila is a teacher at our Oblate school for special needs children, and she received one very fashionable hearing aid. And finally, the young student shown in the photo to the right received two hearing aids and is reportedly a happier guy in class.

Our featured student is Ruth Sared Bernal Valenzuela, and she is sponsored by Chris & Dwight Landis. She is majoring in International Trade and Business. She has been connected through our SEARCH program for six years and her family is very involved with the church.