Video: News Story on Fr. Roy Snipes Parish and Migrants

By Mike Jimenez, Originally Broadcast by KVEO News, Harlingen, TX

(Thanks to Fr. Andy Sensenig and Irma Noyola for making us aware of this story)

Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mission, TX

With the recent surge of Central American migrants coming over the southern border of the U.S., Oblate Father Roy Snipes is again making his parish, Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mission, Texas a haven for hundreds of migrants seeking shelter, food and the bare necessities after making the arduous journey from countries like Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

In this copyrighted news story produced by Rio Grande Valley’s KVEO-TV in Harlingen, TX, Fr. Snipes shows reporter Mike Jimenez how he is using the church, school and parish center along with community volunteers to feed and house the overflow of migrants from government facilities.

Click here to see the story on Fr. Snipes efforts to help the migrants on the website of KVEO-TV