OMI JPIC Urges Administration Not to Repeat Mistakes in Central America

Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

Originally Published on the OMIUSA JPIC Blogspot

As the State Department is developing a “root cause strategy” addressing the reasons why so many children, women, and men are fleeing the northern countries of Central America, US-based and international faith, humanitarian, immigrant-led, human rights, environmental, and grassroots organizations called on President Biden and Vice President Harris to support and amplify civil society calls in each country for governments to address the structural and societal causes driving forced migration. These include pervasive corruption, corrosive levels of human rights abuses and impunity, gang and gender-based violence, poverty and inequality, exclusive economic models, and climate change.

The letter opens with expressions of appreciation for the administration’s pledge to ensure a fair, humane, and orderly immigration system that welcomes immigrants and restores access to asylum.

Download the letter here in English or Spanish.