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By Paolo Archiati, OMI
Vicar General

In his Letter of Introduction for the 25th anniversary of the Canonization of the Founder, our Postulator General shared a material for a communal celebration in commemoration of this significant event. The suggested “Prayer Vigil” could be used for a gathering, around the date of the anniversary, that would bring together Oblates and other persons and groups linked to the person and charism of the Founder.

He also spoke of the possibility of having a separate faith sharing session for a smaller community gathering of Oblates and lay people, which would be similar to what many of us did in the “triennium” in preparation for the 200 years of our foundation.

We are now ready to publish a 10-page guide, containing interesting texts and questions that can help groups share their faith experiences about the impact of St. Eugene on their life. Certainly, there is room for creativity in how these group meetings can be organized.