Holy Cross and Roswell Community Project Heats Up

Buffalo, NY

By Patrick J. Buechi, Originally Published by the Western New York Catholic

(Re-posted with permission)

Thanks to Fr. Bill O’Donnell, OMI for making us aware of this article

Things are really cooking at Holy Cross Parish thanks to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Buffalo institution donated a new stove to the Lower West Side church and brought its kitchen up to code with a new exhaust fan.

A cancer hospital and a largely Hispanic church may seem to be an unlikely alliance, especially surrounding kitchen appliances, but they share the common goal of helping the community.

A couple years ago, Roswell began going out into various, particularly diverse, communities in order to look for ways to inform the populations of the services the downtown hospital provides.

“They were looking for ways so that they can penetrate, in this case, the Hispanic community, and they offered an opportunity to assist non-profit organizations that work with the Hispanic population,” explained Deacon Miguel Santos, who serves at Holy Cross. “Just so happens that Holy Cross Church just embarked on a capital campaign so that we can renovate our kitchen that was built in the 1940s. That being the case, obviously it needed major replacement and renovation.”

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