Fr. Ed Hauf, OMI Debuts New TV Program in San Antonio

San Antonio, TX

Fr. Ed Hauf, OMI, currently serving as Parochial Vicar at St. Mary’s in San Antonio, has been asked by Catholic Television of San Antonio, to put together and host a new TV program for the Communications Office of the Archdiocese. The program, which Fr. Ed has named Journey From Darkness To Light, is focused on the topic of spiritual warfare. He and his guests, members of his Deliverance team as well as others chosen by him from the various Archdiocesan ministries dealing with healing and deliverance, are exposing and teaching the many varied ways Satan and his army of demons and demonic spirits can enter into a person’s life, sometimes even in infancy, and also throughout his or her adult life, and how to recognize, fight, and expel those demonic forces with help from those working in Deliverance ministry.

Fr. Ed, and his well-trained team, have attended national conferences on Deliverance and Exorcism for several years and work daily with individuals suffering from satanic oppression and obsession helping them get free and healed so they may live holy and happy lives with their families. The Archbishop of San Antonio has designated Fr. Ed as one of a small team of priests who will, as the need arises, be given authority to perform exorcisms in the Archdiocese. He recently gave a well-received presentation of a successful deliverance case he worked on to a national “Go To Meeting” gathering of over 50 exorcists from around the country.

His TV program can be seen in the San Antonio area by those with Spectrum Cable on channel 15, Monday evenings at 7:30 and Wednesday mornings at 11:30. It is also carried nationally on Roku and Amazon Fire Stick. If you have either of these simply go to search and type in Catholic TV SA; the programs will immediately appear.