At our launch earlier this week of ‘Forward Together: Listening for the Spirit’, I sat before my computer and scrolled from screen to screen filled with the smiling faces of Oblates and Associates from across the country. As I watched and listened to the joyful exchanges between people who have been apart for far too long, I was filled with gratitude for the charism of St. Eugene which binds us together, and informs our missionary identity. I experienced also a deep hope; the same expressed by many of you in letters and emails after the event, that the process to unfold over the coming weeks and months will allow us to continue to come together, sharing our lives of faith, and discerning our missionary call for the coming 2 to 3 years, even in these pandemic days.

Again, from his World Mission Sunday letter, Pope Francis writes;

Understanding what God is saying to us at this time of pandemic also represents a challenge for the Church’s mission… this situation should make us even more attentive to our way of relating to others…. ever more open to the need of our brothers and sisters for dignity and freedom, as well as our responsibility to care for all creation.  

 Let these words guide us as we enter into this important moment of discernment.