Ways to Support our Mission Regardless of Your Financial Situation

For over 200 years, our mission has been serving people in over 60 countries around the world. As the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, we preach for the Good News of Salvation, which feeds and shelters the poor, cares for the orphaned, and nurtures the sick and elderly. All these missions unite the 4,000 Oblates worldwide and every contributor to the purpose, bringing the greater good into lives.

All of us are eternally grateful for all your support over the years. We have been and still do, need it to make a difference in the lives of those who seek us the most. Our donors usually provide the Oblates with gifts of stock, mutual funds, real estate, bank accounts, and royalties.
If you want to become a supporter, you can do it through the Donor Advised Fund. You can make a charitable donation in a simple, flexible, and tax-advantaged way. Another option is to give us a hand in continuing the mission is by using your IRA to make qualified charitable distributions. There are many more simple and convenient ways to do it for those interested in supporting the Missionary Oblates.

Please keep in mind that for us, the thought counts more than the sum we receive. You are free to donate as much as you want or in any way you can. To respond to many requests that we have been receiving, we are getting in pace with the new lending technologies. This way, we inform the ones asking us how they can support us financially if they don’t have any spare funds.

By addressing your concerns to our partnering financial experts, they have informed us about the novelty possibilities of short-term lending. Therefore, if you want to get fast money for any cause, direct payday lenders can help you. Moreover, financial services make their products inclusive; therefore, even people with insufficient savings or bad credit history can get guaranteed payday loans direct lenders. This way, any US citizen of 18 years of age or older with a steady income and a bank account can become a borrower.

Because you can take the mentioned financial products entirely online, without leaving your house, we have decided that we must give you the option to offer internet-based support as well. Due to that, not only have we developed ways to donate online, but we have also created a webshop where you can buy gifts for your loved ones and support us with the payment.
We want to offer you the possibility to get something in exchange for your donation: a gift for your family, a memory of the philanthropic gesture, or just a needed item for your household. Therefore, in our webshop, you can find religious gifts, such as Lourdes water, prayer books, religious bracelets, and many others. At the same time, you can see mass cards, like healing enrollments, birthday, and Christmas cards.

We deeply thank you for your previous support! It has made it possible for our mission to become a reality every day, and together with all of you, we can make a change in the world of the ones who need us!