Zambian Delegation Builds Apartment Complex

Lusaka, Zambia

By Fr. James Brobst, OMI, Vicar-provincial for Mission and Ministry

For over a year, the Zambian Delegation has been working on a specific and challenging project to further its goal of being relatively self-sustaining financially. When it became apparent that they had a parcel of land near an area with an increasing need for housing, they took that opportunity and wedded it with their land resources. Along with planning and guidance from Bill Morell OMI, Sustainability Consultant and Oblate Partner Greg Blasko of San Antonio, the Zambian delegation is finalizing the construction of a new apartment complex replacing the former “Centre House” on Lake Road.

With the cooperation of U.S. Oblates, Zambian Oblates and Oblate Partners, such steps move the Zambian Delegation closer to a level of self-sufficiency that reflects their rapid growth and is necessary for them to become a province. Thanks and “wow” to all involved!