OST Announces New Online Class: “Resilience, Faith and Discipleship”

San Antonio, TX

(Editor’s Note: Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio has announced a new online class which will commence in September. Below, Fr. Daniel Renaud, OMI describes his plan for this unique continuing educational opportunity.)

Fr. Daniel Renaud, OMI

In these challenging times, our ability to self-care, reflect, and create sustaining connections is more important than ever. I am happy to give an online class on ResilienceFaith and Discipleship at the Continuing Education Department of Oblate School of Theology.

The online class is a series of five classes of 90 minutes starting September 9 to October 7, 2020.

Here is the link: https://ost.edu/event/resilience-faith-discipleship/2020-09-09/   

I picked the topic of resilience because it is relevant to our Kairos. Our new challenges require us to connect faith with other disciplines further to highlight our ability to face various types of adversities and the inherent invitation to transformation they contain. We will look at trauma research, theological and scriptural foundations & contemplative neurosciences and prayer. We will hear how saints, poets, artists, and Christians throughout history have successfully journeyed through extreme events as they became relevant witnesses to help form a worldwide community of resilience.