What the Church is Doing to Welcome Latino LGBT Catholics

By J.D. Long-Garcia,  Published by America Magazine

Fr. Tom Hayes, OMI

Over the years, Oblates have responded to our modern challenges of AIDS, increased  suicides, and ministering to LBGT Catholics. We remember Tom Hayes during his time on the west coast, Ron Rolheiser’s columns on suicide, and the several Oblate parishes, retreat centers, and shrines where LBGT people come for weekly meetings. It seems to me, however, that we have always been a little shy and reluctant to acknowledge this.

Fr. Carlos Alarcon, OMI

So when the respected national Catholic magazine America published in its June 22 issue a thorough article “Acompanamiento:  The Church Walks with L.G.B.T. Latinos,” (cover title) or “Conquering the Silence,” (inside title), by J.D. Long-Garcia, I was both surprised and gratified to find the lengthy section on our “Oblate priest” Carlos Alarcon.

May our prayers accompany Carlos, and all the Oblates who are involved in these ministries.

Harry Winter, OMI

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