Oblates Offer Drive-by Blessings on Father’s Day

Belleville, IL

By Will Shaw

(L-R) Oblate Fathers Elvis Mwamba, Juan Gaspar, Paul Dass Selvarag, Raul Salas

Missionary Oblate Fathers in Belleville spent the morning of June 21st giving special drive-by blessings on Father’s Day to dads in a properly socially-distanced way.

Oblate Fathers Elvis Mwamba, Raul Salas, Juan Gaspar and Paul Dass Selvaraj gave the blessings while Fr. David Uribe directed traffic at the Shrine toward where the blessings were given.

Fr. Raul Salas chats with a dad and mom

Oblates at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows offered blessings on Mother’s Day in May, so it seemed only fair that fathers would get the same on their day.

Fr. Juan Gaspar visits (on L) while Fr. Elvis Mwamba blesses (on R)

The occupants of the cars (some of whom had just come to the Shrine to enjoy the atmosphere) were delighted to receive the blessings and the opportunity to chat with the Oblates.

Below is a short video of the Oblates “in action” on Father’s Day at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows