King’s House – Belleville Hosts Annual “Fat Tuesday” Feast

King's House - Belleville, IL

Each year, the Oblates and staff at King’s House Retreat and Renewal Center in Belleville, Illinois generously go all out preparing a New Orleans-style “Fat Tuesday” luncheon feast. All Oblates, employees, associates and guests from local Oblate institutions  are invited to come for fellowship and great food.

Creole favorites like red beans & rice,  Gumbo, the traditional “King Cake” and more are prepared and served by the King’s House staff to the enthusiastic crowd. Truly a culinary “Last Hurrah” before Lent!

The staff including, Director, Fr. Mark Dean, OMI, Fr. Sal Gonzalez, OMI, Deacon Doug Boyer and the ever-colorful Rich Dahm made all feel welcome

As usual, the food and fellowship was wonderful providing all with a memorable “Fat Tuesday” And for many of us when stepping on the scale tomorrow, a “Fatter Wednesday.”

(L-R) King’s House staffers, Rich Dahm and Doug Boyer make Fr. Jim Allen, OMI feel right at home once his eyes adjust to Rich’s suit

(L-R) Doug Boyer and Fr. Sal González, OMI seem to have caught Fr. Allen Maes, OMI a little off-balance. Could it be their hats?

In the dining room this group from MAMI knows why we’re here- great food! (L-R) Patti Herges-Schanz, Bill Undertajlo (from behind) Sheila Miller, Karen Fuehne, Cathy Nolte,

Alethea Nicholson (on L) and Phyllis McCray are all business

(L-R) from MAMI are: Mike Konradt, Diana Baranski, Sherry White, and (really getting into the spirit), Mike Hall

Doing major damage to the buffet are the print shop’s Tim Hall (nearest camera) and Dave Morrison

Fr. David Kalert (center) tells tales from the missions. Joe Pytlinski is on his right and Bill Magrath on his left, Matt Barnard is on Bill’s left and we see John Wagner from behind

(L-R) John Wagner, Diane Green, Jamie Green and Sr. Pat Harvat, OP are loving Fr. Kalert’s stories!

More after-dinner conversation (L-R) Karen Peters, Bette Meyer, Sr. Irma Avila, Bro. Tom Ruhmann, OMI, Fr. Joe Ferraioli, OMI and Fr. Jim Allen, OMI

Angling for left-overs with the King’s House staff is Will Shaw (2nd from left). The staffers are (L-R): Sue Becker, Will,  Renee Trentmann, Derek Czosnyka, Tina Turner