Oblate Scholastics Renew Vows in San Antonio

Oblate Scholasticate

Thanks to Fr. Jim Brobst, OMI, Mark Hernández and Br. Alejandro Alvarado, OMI

Front row (L-R): Justinus Moloi, Democracy Mudenda, Lester Antonio Zapata Back row (L-R) Fani Zane Nong, Alejandro Alvarado, Solomon Naja, David P. Chisha (not pictured, Lázaro Ángel Leal)

On Saturday August 31, 2019, five scholastics renewed their temporary vows during a Mass Celebrated by U.S. Provincial, the Very Rev. Louis Studer, OMI at the Blessed Mario Borzaga Formation Community in San Antonio, TX. The five Scholastics remewing vows were: Br. Lester Antonio Zapata, OMI, Br. Eugene Mwape Mule, OMI, Br. Solomon Gaja, OMI, Br. Alejandro Alvarado, OMI, and Br. Lázaro Ángel Leal, OMI.

With Oblates, Scholastics and guests all present, the Mass begins

Sch. Fani Zane Nong lectors while Oblate formators, Fr. David Ullrich (L) and Fr. Ron LaFramboise listen in the background

One by One, the young men step forward. Here, Br. Lázaro Ángel Leal, OMI professes his temporary renewal of vows while Br. Alejandro Alvarado, OMI waits his turn.

Br.Lester Antonio Zapata, OMI makes his profession to the Provincial.

Having professed his renewal of vows, Br. Eugene Mwape Mule, OMI signs them.

Oblate formators and the newly professed with the Provincial: (L-R) Fr. Ron LaFramboise, OMI, Fr. Raymond Mwangala, OMI, Br. Eugene Mwape Mule, OMI, Fr. Antonio Ponce, OMI, Br. Lester Antonio Zapata, OMI, Very Rev. Louis Studer, OMI, Br. Solomon Gaja, OMI, Fr. David Ullrich, OMI, Br. Alejandro Alavarado, OMI, Br. Lázaro Ángel Leal, OMI.