Summer Solstice: A Celebration of Frogs and Toads

La Vista Ecological Learning Ctr.

Editor’s Note: Here are pictures and a short description of what must have been a delightful event put on by the Oblate’s La Vista Ecological Learning Center in Godfrey, Illinois that appeared on Facebook.

The gathering enjoyed the presentation of Vernon DePauw

Saturday, June 22, twenty people gathered to launch the summer season by learning how to create habitats for frogs in their back yards. Vernon DePauw began by challenging us to give up pesticides and herbicides since frogs drink through their skin, absorbing nasty chemicals. He also shared delightful frog houses to put gardens, giving frogs a place to hide from predators during the day. Being nocturnal, they come out at night, seeking food and providing us with a wonderful chorus.

Thanks to Vernon DePauw for creating frog houses and delighting us with his informative presentation. AND thanks to all participants for wonderful conversation and delicious treats. Special thanks to Ishani Trzaska, Mariah Huelsmann and Lily for turning the sun staff, helping us to broaden our perspective to include the whole sacred universe as we head into the summer season. @MissionaryOblatesJPIC @LaVista CSA @Seamus Finn @OMI World