OMI Youth Come Together


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The 11th meeting of the OMI Youth (JOMI) of the Southeast District of the Oblate Province of Brazil took place in the Oblate Parish of San Pío de Pietrelcina, in the Diocese of Santo Amaro – SP, from September 7 to 9, 2018. Together with hundreds of young people, many Oblate Pre-Novices, Post-Novices and Fr. Patrick OLIVEIRA URIAS, the National coordinator of the JOMI, graced the occasion. Fr. Sérgio de SANTANA shared his experience with us at the event.







On Friday, as we arrived, we were welcomed with much affection by the youth of the parish and their families.  On Saturday, there were various workshops and presentations during the daytime. We all enjoyed that evening, as we had a Sing-along called Cristoteca.  On Sunday, the Holy Mass was presided over by the Provincial-elect, Fr. Lindomar da SILVA. The afternoon was dedicated to visiting the poor families of the parish and having a deep encounter with their real life situations. A traditional Walk for Peace marked the closing of the gathering that evening.

Below are the testimonies of some of the young people who participated at the meeting.

From L to R: Lucas Nacimiento, Brenda de Jesus Pereira, Isabelle Caroline Caldera de Oliveira, Mayara Jesús de los Santos and Diego Nacimiento Farias

Lucas Nacimiento:   I was very far from God, and the JOMI events brought about my return to Him.  A few days before, I was thinking about taking my own life for stupid reasons and today I am smiling to think just how happy and strong the weekend made me.

Brenda de Jesus Pereira:  The meeting of the Oblate Youth made me rethink my own answers to some fundamental questions of life. I heard many wonderful stories from others and learned from them. Some even encouraged me to be a missionary.

Isabelle Caroline Caldera de Oliveira:  The JOMI this year cleansed me and brought me back to God’s side. It showed me how essential He is in my life, and how I was never alone.

Mayara Jesús de los Santos:  During the mission experience, we visited the house of a man, whose illness had taken away his ability to move.  As we sat and talked with him, I felt powerfully the presence of Jesus who wanted to teach us that in life nothing should hold us back. We prayed with the man and we sang.   He became so happy, and his joy made me more grateful and closer to the Lord.

Diego Nacimiento Farias:  Organizing the JOMI, 2018, was an extraordinary experience – a roller coaster of emotions. You have the responsibility to help these young people experience what you experienced 4 years ago.   For young people, even a beautiful little smile can bring them to recognize that they are lovable human beings in the hands of God.  And, at the same time, we may sow the seed of a young Oblate of Mary Immaculate in the hearts of those young people…