Remembering Bishop Paul Francis Duffy, OMI

Delegation of Zambia

By Felix Bwalya Nyambe, OMI

Bishop Paul Duffy, OMI

Seven years after the death of Bishop Emeritus Paul Francis Duffy, OMI, hundreds of people gathered at the Cathedral of Lourdes in Mongu, Zambia to remember and to joyfully celebrate the life of one of the Oblate pioneers to Zambia and the first Bishop of the Mongu Diocese. Bishop Duffy, OMI continues to be a model for the Church in Mongu and for the Oblates in Zambia.

Bishop Duffy spent 27 years ministering among the people of the Western Province and all for the glory of God. He was a true Shepard of God’s people who left his country and served as a missionary for the love and evangelization of the people. He was a pastoral man who had a vision for the diocese and its needs. Bishop Duffy is still remembered as a considerate, fearless and compassionate man who devoted himself to, and stood up for the people of the Western Province.

Bishop Duffy is also remembered as someone who challenged those in leadership to exercise their power in service to the people and to learn to listen to them. As Bishop, he represented Zambia as a delegate to the Association of Member Episcopal Conference in Eastern Africa (AMECEA). As a delegate, he served as chairperson on the justice and peace committee. He also served as director of Caritas Zambia and worked tirelessly to develop and work on food securities. Bishop Duffy also served as board chairperson on different institutions. These and many more accomplishments of Bishop Emeritus Paul Francis Duffy, OMI are always cherished among the people with whom he lived and served. Gone, yet not forgotten…!