Missionary Postcard from Peru


Photos by Fr. Nicholas Harding, OMI

With photos and just a few words, Fr. Nick Harding shares the joys and sorrows of the people he serves

This Mother asked me to dedicate this one-day-old baby to God and the Virgin

Some kids at mass in one of our small chapels named after Santa Rosa

Baptism of little girl born with defects because mother had Zika virus which is rampant here;

Little neighbor girls filling water buckets (for hand-washing clothes and to boil for drinking water).

Two winners of contest of catechism classes “acts of mercy”

Kids playing next door to our parroquial house (here no internet)

Public school kids visiting for Feast of Santa Rosa de Lima first canonized saint of Americas

Dancers for Feast of Santa Rosa 

Our local police (and all police in Peru) have Santa Rosa as patron saint asking for her intercession to protect them.

May St Rose of Lima intercede for you…many blessings  (recalling her words) “there is no other stairway to paradise outside the cross” !  

                                                                                                                                 – Fr Nick Harding omi