A Missionary in Peru Checks in with Pictures and a Note


Photos and story by Fr. Nicholas Harding, OMI 

Greetings from Peru!

In the distance we see the prison near the base of the mountains

Penal Chincha: The parish is responsible for this prison that has 2400 men and women: I go to celebrate mass and hear confessions once a month at this giant prison in our parish area.

Fr. Harding at the entrance to the mine.

The mine in Chavín requested a blessing on May 1, “Workers’ Day” in San José Obrero.  They asked me to bless the mine entrance and main refinery (gold , silver, copper, lead and zinc are all extracted).  In the mine they process metals… 

In some areas of the processing plant, breathing equipment is necessary

…but there is still air pollution.

Fr. Nick at the new school.

A little school in the new human settlement August 15. Recent “land invasion” so school was just built … we will begin catechesis.

Thank you for all your support and prayers.

With our blessings and prayers,

Fr. Nicolás OMI, Fr. Leonardo OMI, Fr. Blaise OMI and all the members of his sister Parroquia Cristo Rey